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Likoma Community Garden

The Foundation has supported the establishment of a community-run garden by a small group of women on Likoma Island in Lake Malawi. We continue to support them in running and managing the Tiyanjane Garden (tiyanjane means ‘togetherness’), which supplies Kaya Mawa Lodge and the surrounding villages with fresh produce through a more sustainable supply chain.

Despite being surrounded by fresh water, only simple farming practices have existed on the island. Soil fertility is low, rains are limited to just three months, and people have difficulty accessing affordable land and startup capital to create a livelihood from farming. This has resulted in little diversity of fruit and vegetables, and the need to transport produce from mainland Malawi to the island.

The Tiyanjane Garden has transformed the once barren and empty land, owned by Green Safaris. Through training, the building of compost and addition of biological materials, the soil quality has improved and provided the opportunity for a wide range of vegetables, including oyster mushrooms, and even chickens. The team will continue to grow their skills in farm, environment and small business management until they are ready to run the farm as an independent enterprise.

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