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Panthera Wild Cat Conservation

Panthera works around the world to ensure a future for all 40 species of wild cats and the vast landscapes on which they depend. In the Greater Kafue Ecosystem, Panthera partners with the Zambian Government’s Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) to protect and recover wild cat populations and other wildlife.

Lion and Lion Cubs Caught on Camera in a Zambia

Among the strategies Panthera employs to protect wildlife is the Halo approach, whereby they use satellite collars to remotely track wildlife movement in large landscapes. By tracking the location coordinates provided by the collar, Panthera can direct anti-poaching efforts to bolster security in an area when needed (for example, when lions are denning, raising young, or are tethered to rich prey sources such as buffalo herds during the calving season).

The Halo approach also mobilizes teams to sweep areas for snares and protect key groups and individuals from harm when they roam into community areas. This project is co-sponsored by the Segré Foundation and is hugely appreciated by the DNPWS and the other relevant stakeholders involved in anti-poaching activities in Zambia.

Nanzhila pride, named after the stunning Nanzhila Plains and found in Southern greater Kafue, is one of the prides which Panthera and DNPW tracks using satellite collars.

The Foundation also sponsors a dedicated anti-poaching unit – set up by Panthera – to patrol and protect the Busanga Plains. Working with Panthera, DNPWS and another lodge operator in the area, we secure a grant that covers the unit’s operating costs, which was used to buy equipment, food and part of the scouts’ wages.

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