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The Foundation funds an anti-poaching unit on the Busanga Plains, in northern Kafue National Park. Having an anti-poaching team safeguarding the Busanga Plains during the rainy season is crucial as camps and lodges have to close, leaving wildlife vulnerable to increased poaching.

Lion and Lion Cubs Caught on Camera in a Zambia

Working with Panthera, DNPWS and another lodge operator in the area, we secure a grant that covers the unit’s operating costs, which was used to buy equipment, food and part of the scouts’ wages.

The Foundation has also co-sponsored the deployment of a new digital radio system – managed by Panthera – to improve radio coverage across Kafue National Park. The Foundation also sponsors a dedicated anti-poaching unit – set up by Panthera – to patrol and protect the Busanga Plains.

The radio network now covers most of the north and central areas of Kafue, making a significant contribution to the success of anti-poaching efforts. This project is co-sponsored by the Segré Foundation and is hugely appreciated by the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Services (DNPWS) and the other relevant stakeholders involved in anti-poaching activities in Zambia.

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