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Conservation South Luangwa

The Foundation supports Conservation South Luangwa (CSL) in its important work with community and conservation partners in the protection of the wildlife and habitats of the South Luangwa ecosystem. CSL’s work extends into a wide range of key areas, including anti-snaring and anti-poaching patrols, rescue and rehabilitation of snared wildlife, and human-wildlife conflict mitigation through community engagement.

In an area where human populations are increasing, land use zoning is not being implemented and due to existing poverty, the challenge of poaching is immense. Poaching often starts in the rural villages neighbouring South Luangwa National Park, although most of the meat ends up outside of the local area where it fetches much higher prices.

This demand puts enormous pressure on wildlife and causes the death of thousands of animals every year through snaring and illegal hunting with firearms. Habitat loss through human encroachment and agricultural development puts additional pressure on the land and without a viable, endorsed land use plan, this remains an ongoing challenge for the South Luangwa ecosystem.

CSL is driven by its vision of securing the long term survival of wildlife and habitats in South Luangwa under the custodianship of the Zambian people.

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