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Tongabezi Chicken Coop

The Foundation is supporting a Chicken Coop project setup in 2020 by the team at Tongabezi Lodge together with the local community of Mukuni. This recent initiative is another way of creating sustainable livelihoods for regular income generation, with the final aim being a completely self-sustainable, community-run business.

Front View of Chicken Coop Building

The first stage is to build the chicken coop, constructed in an environmental friendly way using the sandbag building method, hosting approx. 250 chickens. To lower the costs of the chicken coop, feed will be grown on Mukuni Farm and can be sold to the chicken coop for a reduced price. Leftover food from Tongabezi lodge will also be used as feed. With all 3 of the abovementioned projects, we expect initially approximately50 new jobs have been created, for which the Foundation sponsorsthe initial setup costs and wages up until mid 2021, at which time we expect the projects to have become largely self sustainable.

Baby Chicks in Chicken Coop

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Reference: Tongabezi Chicken Coop

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