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Tongabezi Chicken Coop

he Foundation supports a Chicken Coop project started at the end of 2020 by the team at Tongabezi Lodge together with the local community of Simoonga. This initiative is a way of creating sustainable livelihoods with the final aim being a completely self-sustainable, community-run business. They started with one chicken coop and four people from Simoonga community and are now slowly saving money from the profits to grow bigger.

Front View of Chicken Coop Building

In 2022 they have involved six more community members. Tongabezi lodge has provided additional land close to Tongabezi staff village to facilitate the growth. In 2022 we are building a feed storage building, a toilet and an additional coop. This will help the Cooperation grow quicker and provide more local people with a sustainable income.

Baby Chicks in Chicken Coop

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