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Tongabezi Reforestation

The Foundation has supported Tongabezi in launching and running a reforestation project in the Simonga and Sinde areas working in collaboration with community members to develop the site for reforestation and raise awareness among community about the importance of trees for a clean and healthy environment.

Woman Standing by Tree Saplings Holding Plant

Deforestation has increased as firewood is used largely for the purpose of household cooking and heating through charcoal burning. This is why a mix of native, slow growing and fast growing, stick producing trees are planted, and those trees that were cut down for charcoal burning are pruned to help the stump regrow into a tree. These are easy and affordable ways of reforestation, and both methods are eligible to receive carbon credits.

Through the reforestation project, Tongabezi also aims to offer a service in the villages to build sustainable stoves made from clay bricks, sand and water, for free. In return, the households that sign a contract to buy dried sticks that will be delivered weekly. It is very important that the service is cheaper than buying charcoal and that the people who use the stick-burning stoves previously used charcoal burners.

Woman Bending to Light Clay Stove

This will provide hands-on proof that this method of cooking and heating is more efficient, affordable and healthy than traditional braziers using charcoal. Normally these dried sticks would burn up in the dry season fires. So this creates a more sustainable source of energy and income.

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Reference: Tongabezi Reforestation

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