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Likoma Fastboat

The foundation sponsored a the introduction of a fastboat to connect Likoma Island with the mainland. The project started in 2020, as a pandemic relief project supported by the United Nations. It aimed to facilitate local tourism, to support the hospitality economy on the island and avoid massive redundancies due to the prolonged absence of international travel.

Green Safaris commissioned to have the boat manufactured in China mid 2021, but due to the local covid policies, it was only delivered end of last year. The 24 seat fastboat can do the crossing from the mainland shores to Likoma in less then 2 hours, and will be scheduled daily. To put this in perspective, the main ferry operating so far does the crossing in 8-12 hours, 2 to 3 times a week. Next to stimulating tourism for all lodges on Likoma island, it will offer affordable rates for the local people on Likoma Island.  

With that the launch of the Fastboat operating as Likoma Passenger Services, will surely be a game-changer. It will be used to facilitate medical and emergency treatment on the mainland, not available on Likoma. It can facilitate students from Likoma studying on the mainland. It will likely enable introducing banking facilities on Likoma and stimulate trade. And finally, the operational footprint of its operation will be largely offset by further expansion of the reforestation project on Likoma.