Education in Zambia

Project Luangwa

The Foundation supports the impactful work led by Project Luangwa in the communities that make up the Mfuwe area in the Luangwa Valley. Project Luangwa is committed to improving the standards of health and education in for people living in rural Zambia in order to protect and uplift them from poverty. Project Luangwa is built

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Twaabane Community Creative Centre

The Foundation is supporting the Twaabane Community Creative Centre, which is a brand-new project for the Tongabezi Trust School Team for the people of Simonga Village can come to learn and share creative, artisanal, and practical skills. This centre is a space for empowerment through creative productivity and new employment opportunities. Would you like to

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Lukanga & Chunga Community Schools

Desks Being Taken to a Classroom at Lukanga Community School

The Foundation has sponsored the Lukanga Community School in Nalusanga, just outside the Kafue National Park , and to Chunga Community School in Lusaka. By providing funding and resources, we contribute to a holistic learning environment that benefits students, teachers and these communities more broadly.

Tongabezi Trust School

The Tongabezi Trust School or Tujatane was set up in Simonga Village by the owners of Tongabezi Lodge in 1996 to provide underprivileged and vulnerable rural children, living within walking distance of the school, with a holistic education for a better quality of life.