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Likoma Reforestation

The Foundation sponsors a reforestation project on Likoma Island in Lake Malawi that aims to reduce the negative impacts of deforestation, such as soil erosion and run off, through small community-managed tree nurseries. Importantly, the project is creating sustainable livelihoods and improving resource management for the health of both the natural environment and the people that live within it.

Due to the continuous population growth on the island, more and more of its natural trees are being chopped down to be used as firewood for household cooking and heating. That is why the nurseries are growing both large quantities of fast-growing trees that can meet this immediate need for firewood as well as indigenous trees that will become part of a continuous planting cycle.

There are currently six nurseries that have been established by securing land, seeds and management to grow various types of trees. The long-term goal is for each of the 12 villages on the island to have a well-established nursery growing indigenous hardwood and fruit trees.

Each site aims to plant 2 000 trees – totaling 24 000 trees per year – which once fully grown will transform arid land into fertile land, provide local villages with the firewood they need, and a sustainable food supply from harvesting the fruit trees.

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Reference: Likoma Reforestation Project

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