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Hack the Poacher

The Foundation has co-sponsored a pilot project developed by a Dutch tech collective called Hack the Planet, who use technology-driven solutions to solve challenges faced by organisations working within the humanitarian and sustainability sectors.

Herd of Elephants Walk in Kafue National Park

Conservation technology largely consists of two categories: tools to monitor and study wildlife and their habitats, and solutions to mitigate or prevent negative human impacts. The fight against poaching in particular requires those human-centered solutions, along with a certain level of creativity and a thoughtful approach to the complex socioeconomic issues that contribute to the poaching crisis, impacting poachers and rangers in the region.

‘Hack the Poacher’ is a unique technology system that plays a crucial role in combating wildlife poaching in Zambia’s wilderness areas, with a particular focus on rhino and elephant poaching prevention in national parks like Kafue and South Luangwa. Using smart anti-poaching monitoring technology acts as a deterrent to poachers, aids rangers in their ongoing fight against wildlife crime, and supports law-enforcement.

The pilot has been co-sponsored by the WWF Netherlands Inno Fund.

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Reference: Hack the Poacher

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