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Mukuni Community Farm

The Foundation, through the team at Tongabezi Lodge, established the Mukuni Community Farm just outside of Livingstone, which is being developed and run together with people from the local area. The main goal is to turn the farm into a fully sustainable and self-sufficient community-run project that sells fresh produce to lodges and businesses in the area.

Women Farm Workers Preparing Field

Mukuni Community Farm extends over 12,78 hectares of ‘sweetveld’, which is known to grow delicious produce but is also very sensitive to overgrazing. Since the land was formerly considered an open area, herds of cattle and goats could freely move through the area. This has unfortunately led to overgrazing and soil erosion. Luckily, sweetveld can recover quickly if developed and managed in an environmentally sustainable way.

Those involved in the project are learning together about small-scale farming techniques, including alley cropping, grazing rotation, homemade fertiliser and pesticide development, chicken rearing, and food forest and mushroom growing. Community empowerment is also happening through knowledge sharing and practical training in the skills needed to turn the farm into a commercially viable business in the future.

Plants in House

The second goal of the Mukuni Community Farm project is to create a learning centre where local people can learn about organic agricultural practices. Both aspects of the project equip people with the ability to generate regular income and food through a sustainable livelihood.

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