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Caring for Africa’s Wildest Places

As much as 80% of visits to African countries are made specifically by those wanting to witness its spectacular wildlife. And, because many protected areas are underfunded in Africa, their survival is largely (sometimes completely) reliant on the revenue generated by people visiting these destinations. Conservation can’t happen to the necessary extent without people like you coming to experience these special spaces or donating from wherever you are.

Jacarandas to Plant for Likoma Reforestation Project

Now, without funds being channelled from guest visits to these destinations, many isolated spaces have been left vulnerable to exploitation, particularly as neighbouring communities are also left without their usual income sources. Poaching, deforestation and consumption of bushmeat wildlife has increased, which – if left unchecked – could potentially lead to more species becoming endangered (or even extinct).

All of our conservation projects work to improve our community’s understanding and commitment to environmental protection, wildlife survival, and resource management. On Likoma Island, the team at Kaya Mawa are working with community members to mitigate the impacts of deforestation and have established a reforestation project that already has six community-managed tree nurseries. Each nursery will grow around 2,000 indigenous hardwood and fruit trees that, once mature, will be felled for firewood and harvested for fruits.