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Adziwa Orphanage

Adziwa means ‘He knows’ in Chichewa, the national language of Malawi, and is a positive expression of hope for the future of orphans. The orphanage was founded in 1999 and currently provides free daycare, primary and secondary schooling for the 495 children under their care, of which there are 300 orphans and 195 biological children from 110 families.

Adziwa provides daycare, primary and secondary schooling for free for the children under their care, with a strong focus on holistic childhood education and development, food diversification and nutrition education, and health and sanitation.

The Green Safaris Foundation has so far donated 1500 USD to Adziwa to be used in any of the organisation’s key areas of need, including salaries for 18 staff members, medical supplies and practitioner, feeding program at the daycare, farming machine maintenance and materials.

Adziwa runs a maize mill and an organic farm in order to generate part of the income needed to run the orphanage. This business provides partial funding for the daily feeding program, caretakers salaries, medical supplies and the maintenance of the facilities, including power and water.

The organisation is currently facing an ongoing monthly deficit of approximately 1000 USD. The Foundation aims to fill this gap for the foreseeable future, otherwise Adziwa will be forced to shut down part of the program.

Donations are welcome and so appreciated! Just $100 covers the costs for 50 children at Adziwa.

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