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These are the stories from our Green Teams on the ground, as they work together with local people to build their communities and protect their natural environments.

Safeguarding White Rhinos with Wine

Tongabezi Lodge by Green Safaris and Snow Mountain’s Renosterwacht Wines have united to
safeguard white rhinos in Mosi oa Tunya National Park. Despite Tongabezi not being a typical wildlife destination, with a major focus being on the attraction of Victoria Falls, its proximity to the park spurred a collaboration to protect these endangered creatures.

Renosterwacht donates proceeds from wine sales, generating nearly R 2 million for anti-poaching efforts in South Africa. Now, they offer their wines to Tongabezi at cost, with all profits aiding rhino caretakers and rangers in Zambia. This partnership reflects Tongabezi’s commitment to conservation and community, as evident in existing initiatives, such as the Tongabezi Trust School.

Tongabezi’s General Manager, Malemia, emphasises that supporting rhino conservation is an
investment in safeguarding the majesty of nature, ensuring the survival of a magnificent species, and leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Guests at Tongabezi can respectfully engage with rhinos through game drives and walks, fostering a deeper connection to their preservation efforts.

Principal Ranger Giedion Chikanya expressed gratitude for these generous contributions, which bolster anti-poaching measures and protect rhino habitats.

Renosterwacht wines have become cherished not just for their taste but for the conservation story they represent. As guests sip on the shores of the Zambezi River, they contribute to the ongoing battle for rhino survival, embodying a message of hope and resilience.