Community Development in Zambia

Project Luangwa

The Foundation supports the impactful work led by Project Luangwa in the communities that make up the Mfuwe area in the Luangwa Valley. Project Luangwa is committed to improving the standards of health and education in for people living in rural Zambia in order to protect and uplift them from poverty. Project Luangwa is built

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Twaabane Community Creative Centre

The Foundation is supporting the Twaabane Community Creative Centre, which is a brand-new project for the Tongabezi Trust School Team for the people of Simonga Village can come to learn and share creative, artisanal, and practical skills. This centre is a space for empowerment through creative productivity and new employment opportunities. Would you like to

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Mukuni Community Farm

Lines of Green Crops in Farm Field

The Foundation, through the team at Tongabezi Lodge, established the Mukuni Community Farm just outside of Livingstone, which is being developed and run together with people from the local area. The main goal is to turn the farm into a fully sustainable and self-sufficient community-run project that sells fresh produce to lodges and businesses in

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Tongabezi Chicken Coop

Looking Inside Chicken Coop Building

The Foundation is supporting a Chicken Coop project setup in 2020 by the team at Tongabezi Lodge together with the local community of Mukuni. This recent initiative is another way of creating sustainable livelihoods for regular income generation, with the final aim being a completely self-sustainable, community-run business. The first stage is to build the

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Ila Community Farm

Pigs in Mud at the Ila Community Farm

The Foundation helped establish the Ila Community Farm in 2016 on land provided by the local Chieftain of the Kabulwebulwe Chiefdom located outside the gate to Kafue National Park. This fully-fledged sustainable and organic farm is now run by the Nalusanga Community, while remaining funded by the Green Safaris Foundation. At the beginning of the project, the Foundation sponsored the resources needed to get the farm up and running, such as seeds, a solar-powered irrigation system, and farming tools.